Privacy Policy

Keeping a check on data flow and data access is necessary particularly when we are working from a global perspective. Pakistan2Dubai holds a good repute regarding data upkeep and safety for its clients and suppliers. Since we are an indenter company we are required to play the role of middleman. Therefore our nature of operation demands that we keep our allegiances to the client unless it is not compromising the moral and cultural values.

Pakistan2Dubai places high attention to the privacy of its clients and producers. We hold the complete database of our customers. We have taken stringent and advanced measures for data secrecy and control. We have hired best privacy company to manage the data of our clients. We hold a state of the art database control room.


The privacy is not just limited to monetary data, it also includes special methods of preparation like those in carpets, leather goods, and garments etc. Many companies have developed indigenous methods of preparing the products. We assure you that Pakistan2Dubai keeps your secret recipes safe with your name. We strongly discourage recipe theft or reproduction of the products to supply at more competitive rates. As an indenter company we restrict ourselves to the delivery of products and receiving the finances against that merchandise, rest all that is yours belong to you.

Our method of operation includes establishing contact between supplier and consumer. In doing so we ensure that either of them does not have to lose their specialty. Therefore we pay special attention regarding this. Fruits and vegetables usually don’t have such complications but still the use of certain fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides are also kind of an indigenous trait.

We take possible measures to ensure that doing business with Pakistan2Dubai is your best experience. No matter which product you deal in, we will assure all possible support regarding maintaining secrecy in your operations, procedures, and dealings. We are concerned with clarity and correctness in the dealings. We don’t believe in under the table procedures for having fair deals. We discourage undue favors to the suppliers.

Pakistan2Dubai have implemented bilaterally lucrative quality and privacy policy. We welcome you to be a member of our ever increasing family of satisfied customers. We assure our full support to enhance your business by exposing your organizations to new horizons of trading. We have done this with many international names and we are good at it.